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  1. What great tips! I always buy in bulk the items I knew we use all the time. Keeping to a budget is also very important.

  2. So I just started going to thrift stores once a week, I used to always buy our house things at main box stores, but we have great local thrift stores and they have SO many awesome pieces that are over half the price! And if I’m patient and just only get something I would really need, I can usually get a GREAT deal!!

    1. Patience is key! It always helps with getting a good deal. Know your options, do your research, and you’ll know a deal when you see it!

  3. We bought floor models of our furniture, literally saving about $400. If you are lucky enough to get them, they’re just as good and because we were skeptical, they threw in the warranty, which normally they come as is!

    1. Nice job! I went into one store so often looking for floor models, the manager added my name to a list of people he called when they rotated things off of the floor! 🙂

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