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Spice Things Up With a – DIY Built-In Spice Rack

If you’re an avid cook, your spice selection can become unruly fairly quickly!!! Spice packaging comes in all shapes and sizes from plastic bags to glass bottles, even metal tins. Very few people have all of their spices in the same size/shape bottle so spice organization can be challenging. To be honest with you, over the past 10 years, I’ve…

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Pantry Food Shelf Life – How Long Does Food Really Last

Have you ever asked your significant other to taste something to ensure it hasn’t spoiled?  I’m guilty of it!  It seems that despite my organization efforts, inevitably, there’s a product in the pantry that I question its freshness.  Shelf life can be a tricky and sometimes not so black and white.  There’s inconsistent labeling on products from “Best By” to…

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Sizzlin’ Summer Socials – How to be prepared for any occasion

Do you love to have friends over and connect with other families during the warm summer months or maybe you feel a little unprepared or disorganized when you consider hosting a summer social? My extroverted self can’t wait for winter hibernation to end, the nice weather to begin, and to host summer socials! From casual impromptu get-togethers to plan-ahead dinner…

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