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How to Successfully Complete Your Next Home Project

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by a home improvement project not knowing where to start, the steps to take, or even having a realistic timeframe for actually completing the project? I hear from readers all the time, that just don’t know where to begin.  I’m going to share a project planning tool with you that will put an end to this…

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How to Reduce Clutter In Your Home

Often, despite your best efforts to declutter, your house gets out of control.  You’ve tried your best, but just don’t seem to keep up.  It’s time to look at the root problem and understand the source of clutter in your home.  And why, despite your decluttering efforts, the clutter problem persists. For the fifth time today, you’ve shifted a pile…

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5 Tips for How To Get Kids Decluttering

It’s time, you know it is.  You can feel it!  You are ready to get your house in order.  The piles of paper on the counter have to go.  The outgrown shoes in the mudroom need to leave.  The excessive amounts of toys, crafts, and trinkets in your kids’ rooms need to be decluttered.  This isn’t a job (or responsibility)…

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Back to School Organization Hacks

Back to school is a busy time of year. You may have mixed emotions about your kids starting school. On one hand, you can’t wait for life to return to “normal” and are excited to get the kids out of the house. But the one thousand things to do is overwhelming. It can be a complete shock to the system!…

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24 Home Organization & Decluttering Motivational Quotes

Need a little inspiration to start or finish tidying up?  Find out what Marie Kondo, Martha Stewart, and Benjamin Franklin have to say.  Check out these home organizing and decluttering quotes!  They will motivate you to conquer your clutter! Quotes about the Benefits of Home Organization & Decluttering Before you get started, think about what you’ll gain from all of…

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