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  1. Great tips! I am currently trying to declutter my house as well and it can be stressful to decide whether to purge everything at once just to get it out of the house or put the time in to sell the items.

  2. I am a decluttering freak at least once a year! I resell all of my kids clothes after they outgrow them and have great luck selling furniture and other items on local Facebook buy sell trade pages and Craigslist. Some items I choose to donate to a good cause instead (check your area for crisis nurseries and shelters)!


  3. I’ve had a lot of luck selling things on Facebook Marketplace! Way less hassle than a yard sale! Love the tips on how to make your listing more desirable!

  4. It is amazing to me to see how many stuff I have in boxes in my basement. I should start declutter now

  5. I didn’t realize that Facebook had auction sites. That’s something I may look into when I declutter our attic this spring.

  6. My aunt does this for a living – thrift shops, then sells online! I’d love to do something like this, but I guess the part that has me out of whack the shipping part, especially for big items. Do you take that into account for when naming the price?

    1. Hi Carissa- I only do local sales. People either come to my house to pick the item up, I have a bin outside the door for low cost items, or I meet them at a mutual location.

  7. Excellent tips. I didn’t even realize that auctions were an option with Facebook – good to learn! We are working hard to declutter our home currently, so this was a really timely read; thank you for sharing – lots of resources I hadn’t heard of before!

  8. Great ideas! So much better than preparing for a garage sale!i am going to go out some baby items for sale now!

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