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Gingerbread cookies and sugar cookies lined up with text How to Host a Christmas Cookie Exchange


Twelve years ago, I was invited to my first Christmas Cookie Exchange party and the world as I knew it changed…FOREVER! The hostesses set a high bar and the guests raised the bar each year thereafter. Each guest brought their most delicious cookies to share, but not just slapped onto any old platter. The cookies were beautifully decorated, pre-packaged, and skillfully presented in a holiday theme. I recall one of my friends put her cookies inside of plastic ornaments and hung them on a small Christmas tree she set up at the party. We got to taste a small bite of each cookie and then we voted. Prizes were awarded for the best tasting cookie and a few other categories. We each left with a wide variety of cookies that we could repackage and share with neighbors or friends over the holidays.

Christmas Tree with stocking ornaments filled with cookies hung on it

This became one of my favorite holiday traditions. When I moved to Canada, I really missed this event and decided to recreate it with my new friends and neighbors. Now, it’s something we all look forward to each year. Below are a few tips if you want to plan a Christmas Cookie Exchange party of your own.

Determine the Date and Location For Your Christmas Cookie Party

Determine the location for your Christmas Cookie Exchange. During the holiday, I prefer to host the party at my house; it feels more cozy, festive, and personal than a professional venue.

Next choose a date. Christmas is such a busy time of the year. I’ve found that many companies have their holiday party around the middle of the month, so I typically try to host on a different weekend. One year, I had a party around the 22nd. Most of the other Christmas parties were already done, kids were done with school and everyone especially loved it because the cookies were still fresh for the holidays. Whatever date you choose, try to send the invitation out 3-4 weeks in advance so that people can get it on their calendars before things get too busy!

Decide how many guests to invite to Your Chrismas Cookie Exchange

There are 2 things you should consider when determining the number of guests; 1) how many people your space can hold and 2) how much table/counter space you have to display the cookies. #2 is more important if you’re having guests bring their cookies in a holiday display vs. a serving platter. I generally estimate a space of about 2.5 ft x 2.5 ft for each display. Some need less space and some need more, but it all works out in the end.

Close up of a Christmas Cooke Display


Close up of a Chriasmtas Coolie Displaywith a snow man and a christmas tree


Cookie Display

Create and Send your Christmas Cookie Exchange Invite with instructions and rules:

I like to use Evite ( it is easy to use and track your invites. Below is sample wording for the invitation along with the guidelines I share with my guests.

It’s the time of the year
when best cookies are made
What fun to make extra in order to trade
Please come on December XX
bring cookies, your best
Exchange yours for others and so will each guest

The Details (Included in the Invite):

A Christmas Cookie Exchange is no ordinary party! No one arrives or leaves a cookie exchange party empty-handed. Oh, and there’s a competitive part of the day – 3 PRIZES will be given for Best Tasting Cookie, Best Looking Cookie, and Best Display of Cookies!

  • All cookies should be homemade – there’s a PRIZE for the Best Tasting and a PRIZE for the Best Looking Cookie
  • Please bring 4 dozen total cookies – packaged in groups of 4
  • Arrange cookies in a basket, platter, on a sled, in a tree etc…and be creative – there’s a PRIZE for the best display!
  • Bring XX copies of your recipe to share with others
  • If you don’t have time to bake or have burnt your cookies yet still want to attend, you can go to a real bakery and buy 4 dozen yummy cookies.
Christmas Tree Design on a wood block made of grapes, rosemarry, and cheese cubes

Plan the menu

I typically hold our party in the morning and offer a brunch menu. Below are some ideas for brunch.


  • Mimosa,
  • Eggnog,
  • Coffee,
  • Lattes,
  • Orange Juice,
  • Sparkling Water etc.


  • Egg Casserole or Quiche,
  • Ham,
  • Fruit Salad,
  • Cheese and Crackers,
  • Yogurt and Granola,
  • and Veggie Tray
Display of Cookies

Atmosphere, Decorations, & Supplies

Your home is probably already decorated for Christmas, so you likely won’t need any additional decorations. I like to add some fresh flowers to the mix if possible. Also, music makes a huge difference. Make sure you have a good Christmas music mix to play during the party. Lastly, make some Christmas Cider or light a festive candle.

You can use your regular dishes or get some matching napkins and plates. I often try to plan a year ahead and buy my supplies at the end of the previous Christmas season so that I get a really good deal on it!

Cookie Voting Ballot - Best Tasting, Best Looking, Best DisplayThe Competition

Of course, you don’t have to have a competition aspect AT ALL…or you can change the categories for the competition. Some also have an Ugly Sweater, Holiday Dress, or Christmas PJs competition. Be creative and have fun!

Close up of a number tag for the christmas cookie competition

When getting ready for the competition aspect, create 2 sets of numbers for the number of guests that are planning on attending. Each guest will keep one number and place the other number by their cookies. Also, print a cookie-voting ballot for each guest (you can download mine in the Free-Bee Library – See End of Post).  Lastly, provide a plate and knife for each guest to place their sample cookies on. They can use the knife to cut the cookie into smaller sizes for tastings.

Free Printable Available In The Free-Bee Library

Christmas Cookie Competition Prize Ideas

If you’re doing a competition, you can get some simple prizes for the winners. Cooking tools are always a hit…think of festive dishtowels or a holiday spatula and stirring spoons. I also like to get gift cards to stores ladies like to go to like Sephora or Bath & Body Works. The only rule is that they use it for themselves and not on one of their kids!!!

What to Do With All of Your Cookies

Close up of packaged cookies after the christmas cookie exchange

The great thing about a cookie exchange is that you end up with a wide variety of cookies that make a beautiful platter.  We typically take home 8 to 10 varieties totaling about 4 dozen cookies at the end of the party.  Some people freeze the cookies for Christmas and bring them out when they have friends or family over.  Other people package them and share them with neighbors, teachers at their kids’ schools, or other friends.  And of course, you can keep them out and allow yourself to be tempted every day until they’re gone. 🙂

Lastly, don’t forget to bake and enter your own special cookie for the Christmas Cookie Exchange!

I hope you have as much fun as we do! Maybe it will become one of your favorite holiday traditions as well!!!









  1. Teresa says

    I love this idea…never heard of this before. I had to pin this; going to try this idea this holiday season! Thanks for the idea.

  2. [email protected] says

    My group of friends and I were just talking about doing a cookie exchange so this is so timely! I love the idea of doings prizes, I think we’ll have to try that. And your pictures are beautiful!

  3. Lucy says

    Ive never heard of this! It sounds like so much fun and what a great way to get everyone together!. Thank you for providing such a detailed plan of how to host your own event. I cant wait to try it!

  4. Mimi says

    I am the queen of christmas cookies but I never thought of a party exchange.. Thank you for the idea, I might try this year πŸ˜€

  5. alexine says

    wow this is really a good idea for christmas gathering, would love to organize this cookie challenge, hope everyone will participate.

  6. A- says

    I love cookie exchanges but I don’t think I’ve ever attended one as fancy as this! I’ll for sure use some of these ideas this coming holiday season πŸ™‚ Great post!


  7. Christine says

    Sounds like great fun 😊 I would love to organise one some day… just don’t have enough friends who bake though. Really enjoyed reading this though πŸ™‚

  8. Gaby says

    This is a fabulous idea! I know a few really talented bakers though, so I think I know who’ll be picking up all the prizes πŸ™‚

  9. Kayleigh says

    I really enjoyed the cookie exchange I attended at your house a while back! You definitely have a knack for hosting great parties!

  10. Kayleigh says

    I really enjoyed the cookie exchange I attended at your house a while back! You definitely have a knack for hosting great parties!

  11. Natalie T says

    Always look forward to your cookie exchange! Fun times with friends and delicious treats to take home….what else could you ask for!!!

    • Melissa @ Our Happy Hive says

      For sure! Let me know what type you like…chocolate, fruity, cake-y etc. and I’ll see what I have. Feel free to DM me on FB and I can send you some things. xo

  12. Leigh says

    This is SUCH a cool idea — I had never heard of it! And I was just looking for fun things to do for a girl’s night. Mind you, I definitely wouldn’t have the best cookie, but it would be so much fun to plan and decorate!

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