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The Intentional Family Defined

Do you want to be an Intentional Family?  Have you ever found that it can be difficult to have a focus and purpose with your family?   Once kids enter the mix, it is easy to slip into day-to-day survival mode…What will we eat tonight? What do the kids need to take to school in the morning? I wonder if I’ll have a chance to exercise this week, seriously though?!? I’m feeling more and more that it’s important to take time out, refuel, and get vision for your life as a family, set goals and prioritize your time. In other words, be intentional about how you spend your days.

Intentional means being done on purpose; being deliberate. Before I was married, I had a vision for what my family life would be like once I had a family of my own but like a wave in the wind, it’s easy to drift away from the higher purpose. Before you know it, that vision you once held dear is something lost in the distance and keeping your head above water becomes the focus.

So, what is an intentional family?

An intentional family

  • Has a picture for what they want their family to be (vision)
  • Is clear about what is important to them (values)
  • Has practical ideas (goals) and engages in specific activities to create memories, teach their kids, learn together etc.
  • Predetermines how they will spend their time based on the things that are important to them (weekly schedule)

That sounds cool, but what are the benefits of being an intentional family?


Being intentional

  • Enables you/your family to focus on what maters most
  • Provides a roadmap for your family rather than just wandering aimlessly
  • Gives you a reason to simplify and say no to things that aren’t aligned to your top priorities
  • Minimizes regrets of wasting time, energy and resources on things that don’t matter

Trade Offs

This sounds really great, but there has to be a catch! What’s the downside of being an intentional family?

  • You’ll need to have some time to think and plan every 6-12 months at a minimum
  • Execution of your plan requires effort (also known as work), it doesn’t just happen
  • You’ll also have to make compromises and trade offs at times. For example, let’s say one of your family values is around health and fitness. This may mean that you are intentional about cooking at home at least 5 nights a week and the trade off is that you don’t go out to eat or rely on pizza delivery as much.
  • It also means that you may need to simplify. If your family life is extremely busy, it will be difficult to find space (time and energy) to give to the things that truly matter most.

And that’s it in a nutshell. Nothing worthwhile in life is easy, but you only have this life once. Your kids only have this time, this season with your family once. No family is perfect and that is not the goal. The goal is to seize the day, to be intentional and to make the most of the time you have as a family. In this way, you become who you want to be, create memories and traditions that center around your values, and are able to train your kids in the way they should go.

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Want more details?  Here’s what we’ll cover.

Day 1 – Identifying your Family Values

Day 2 – Defining your Family Vision

Day 3 – Establishing Family Traditions

Day 4 – Developing Annual Family Goals

Day 5 – Creating a Weekly Schedule



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  1. Jenn says

    This is fabulous. We have very similar blog topics and I just melted when reading what a wonderful job you’ve done giving your family an intentional life. Can’t wait to follow along!

  2. Tom says

    This is a great topic and one I will focus on once the kids are a little older. I agree that planning ahead is key but with young kids as first-time parents, it is more a case of day by day survival!

  3. Oyibo says

    Awesome post.. I didn’t know what to expect when I opened this post.. But after going through it I found it very insightful and interesting.

  4. Yustine says

    I never heard of this approach.! Interesting to read. I like the idea to have a vision and I think we as a family have our own values and thought about what we don’t want to be. But we would be more go with the flow about things than rather plan everything…

  5. cara says

    Such an interesting concept that a lot of families could benefit from! It’s super important to be intentional with everything in life, I think!

    • Melissa @ Our Happy Hive says

      Thanks Beth! Glad you liked it! Let me know i fyou have any questions along the way! 🙂

  6. Rebekah says

    Thanks for all your hard work to create such a great resource. can’t wait for our intentional year to begin.

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