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  1. Thanks for the Thrive Life shout out Melissa! I also use Tip #9 a lot – we have a few different kitchen shears for different purposes. They are great for quickly chopping up food for our baby and toddler too. Also, here is a “prep day” tip for people with a good selection of freeze dried ingredients. Make mason jar meals with your freeze dried food! I’ve done soups, casseroles, rice dishes and pastas all this way. And it is SO FAST! I can make a mason jar meal at a pace of about 5 minutes per jar, because all it entails is measuring and pouring ingredients. And don’t forget to tape a note to the jar with your instructions for how to rehydrate and heat it up.

    1. oh…I’m seriously interested in an InstantPot…it might be on my Christmas list this year 🙂 I need all the help I can get and I’ve heard really great things about the IP!

  2. Great tips!!! I use some of these but lately I haven’t had time on weekends to cook for the week so it’s been VERY simple dinners (i.e. eggs and salad…) so I need to get back on that….

    One thing that helps (and I just did this tonight!) is to prepare a meal the night before (i.e. marinate and prepare the meat) and tomorrow evening I’ll just have to cook it – it cuts the cooking time in half so instead of being in the kitchen an hour tomorrow, I spent 30 minutes today and 30 minutes tomorrow!!

    1. Great tip! Every little bit of prep helps…doing one part today and the other part tomorrow is a very practical way to help dinner time be less busy! Thanks for sharing!

  3. If you have a hard time with cold overnight oats, steel cut oats in the crock pot overnight are wonderful. Use almond milk for really creamy oats! Leftovers also hold up well for reheating.

  4. Great advice. All of it. I’m such a bad planner, but things jive SO much better when I do. I’ve also found that making twice as much at once and then freezing half for future use helps tremendously as well.

  5. These are great tips! Several I already do (reinvent leftovers, PARCHMENT!!!, use the crockpot, keep standbys in the freezer [usually leftovers from a previous meal]), but others (prep crock pot ingredients in ziploc and store, prepped in freezer – GENIUS!) are new to me, and you’d better believe I’ll be adding them to my repertoire! 🙂 Thanks for the great post!

  6. I️ so need all of these tips in my life!! I️ feel like I️ don’t even have time to sit down and implement them though haha

  7. Great tips! I always have great intentions of meal planning and whatnot – but I never actually do it. You inspire to me to try it again.

  8. Anything to meal time easier is a win as far as I’m concerned. Love the idea of the freezer bag to slow cooker. I’m going to be trying that one!

  9. Love the overnight oats idea! I hate feeling rushed in the mornings, and love the idea of past me looking out for me and having the breakfast ready 😛

  10. Your cooking tips are some of my favorite ones. We love to cook, so it takes up most of the time in our household. There are so many great ways to try trimming that time down.

  11. I always try to get as much of the dinner prep done as I can in the morning before work (because I’m an early bird and very energetic in the mornings!) so that when I come home, making dinner is easy, and I’m not tempted to just skip it!

  12. Great tips here! I used to make overnight oats (with different flavours) all the time and then I stopped. Thanks for the reminder to start again. I also need to start making quinoa/rice in advance too.

  13. I have recently been more strict about meal planning and that step alone has helped cut down on my stress so much! I often double up on recipes which has helped a lot. Thanks for the tip about potatoes, that’s such a good idea 🙂

  14. These are genius ideas! I should have thought to use parchment to reduce clean-up a long time ago. So simple and so smart! I need to add these to my life and have a prep day.

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