Chores for Preschoolers You Can Start Today

Preschooler standing at sink washing dishes with text Chores for Preschoolers You Can Start TodayFour, F-O-U-R, our baby girl turned 4 and the world seems different. She’s a little kid now and the baby stage seems long ago. How did this happen…so quickly?!? While little Miss E has been working on “independence” since the day she turned one, at this new age she rounds a corner with her verbal skills, motor skills, even creativity! Along with this new level of independence comes a new level of responsibility. Queue Chores. Often parents engage their kids in chores between the ages of 3 and 4. Keep on reading to learn more about chores for preschoolers.

Chores – A negative perspective?

“Chores”…I don’t love the word itself. It sounds like a bother, a burden, something that’s a pain, but in reality chores for preschoolers can be a wonderful developmental tool that equips a child for life. Another word for chore could be responsibility or contribution. Our perspective of chores doesn’t have to be negative, like the scene from “It’s a Hard Knock Life” from the movie Annie.

Benefits of Chores

In addition to carrying part of the load, chores help children feel significant and valued. They get a sense of being part of the larger social structure of the family and can feel pride for their contribution. Recently my one year old started to grab the broom and try to sweep or use the handheld vacuum and try to clean. Why? Because he’s seen Dad, Mom, and Little Miss E do the same thing and he wants to be involved. Chores are more than just a way to divide the work in your house; they have a larger purpose.

Tips for Parents

Dad and son washing carrots at kitchen sink.

Put on the training wheels.

Don’t expect your child to do it perfectly every time. Allow room for mistakes. Start small and increase, as they prove capable.


As with most things, a child learns best through consistent expectations and accountability. If for example, you want your child to put their toys up before bedtime, do this every night, not just once in a while.


Don’t rush your preschooler. Often when pressed for time, preschoolers respond in a counterproductive way. Granted, you don’t want them to take forever taking their plate from the dinner table to the dishwasher. Just make sure you have a reasonable expectation and give them more time than it would take you.


Make chores fun. Be silly…enjoy doing chores together. Be light hearted and make the most of it!


Give lots of positive reinforcement. Tell them what they did that was good. Brag about them to your spouse. Let them know you noticed their contribution and that they are doing a good job. If they mess up, encourage them that they will have another opportunity to practice.

Example Chores

Below is a list of chores that are appropriate for Preschoolers.  You can also find my free printable in the Free-Bee Resource Library!  Look for more information at the end of the post!

Mom and preschooler daughter doing chores by taking clothes out of the dryer.

Around the House
  • Put toys away
  • Wipe up spills
  • Use a hand held vacuum to clean up crumbs
  • Empty small trashcans e.g. bathroom/bedroom
  • Throw away trash
  • Help feed pets
  • Carry the mail
  • Help with cooking
  • Set the table
  • Take dishes to the dishwasher
  • Wipe down the table after craft time or dinner
  • Help put up child-safe dishes
  • Straighten room
  • Make the bed (basic process)
  • Put laundry in the hamper
  • Take clothes to/from the laundry room
  • Transfer clothes between washer and dryer
  • Match and fold socks
  • Fold washcloths
  • Pull weeds
  • Water flowers
  • Pick up branches
  • Help with snow clearing

Preschool age boy showing enthusiasm while doing his chore of shoveling snow.

Time for Change

We will be stepping up our expectations of little Miss E this year. We’ll start with 3 chores to do consistently and build to 5-7 chores depending on the frequency of each. I’m sure at times there will be a little resistance, but I hope that she sees it as a way to be involved and contribute. Chores for preschoolers don’t have to be a burden or seen in a negative light. Chores for preschoolers can be a bonding experience and something that builds character for the future. Does your little one have chores? If so, what responsibilities have you charged them with?

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  1. Linda says

    I love this!
    I don’t have kids yet but still remember the chores I had to do.

    – wash veggies
    – water plants with the water i used to wash veggies
    – put away food /pack up leftovers after dinner
    – clean the dinner table after dinner
    – break down boxes at my parents’ store!

  2. Justine @ Little Dove says

    This is a great list and I love what you said about not expecting your children to do it perfectly every time, that’s key! I have found that my little ones actually enjoy folding their own laundry and putting it away, so what if it’s not perfectly folded?? It’s pretty good and it’s less for me to do!

  3. Anna Thompson says

    I whole heartedly agree with this! Our daughter is two and we make sure she helps us pick up her toys and clean her room. At first I did all of that and I was like, wait a second, something is wrong here. So she helps us clean up and LOVES it!

  4. Lily says

    This is a great list, some of the chores I didn’t even think my 3 year old can do it. I will just say that the key tip is having patience 🙂

    • Melissa @ Our Happy Hive says

      You’re absolutely right! I have to remind myself to practice patience frequently. (sigh)

  5. Maggie says

    I love these ideas! I’ve been wanting to teach my daughter to do chores, but since I read your post, I’m kind of relieved because she already helps with some of these things. I’d love it if she would pick up her toys, though. I like the idea of making it more of a party

  6. Elena says

    Thank you!
    It’s so true that we need to implement responsibility into our children early on.
    I have 3 sons-2, 3 and 4 years old. Since the year I teach children to help around the house and self-care. I use the Manini app for three children. It’s like printed chores cards, but in a phone. In the app, you can mark the completion of tasks, and children like it very much. And the app has a goal Board that lists all household chores and self-care for children under 5. The older child can already do almost everything, that is, almost 40 skills)

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