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  1. Great tips, because they also emphasize taking care of yourself while working at home. I am so guilty of sitting any old way with my laptop for way too long. With dedicated space and equipment you get the work done and take care of your self!

  2. Thanks for the ideas! I totally agree with the importance of having a dedicated space. I work from home every day of the week, and I previously had my desk in a common space – people were walking in and out, having conversations all around me. I couldn’t focus! Since moving my desk into a smaller room, I am so much more productive.

  3. I love these tips! I’m a teacher right now but am planning on staying at home this coming year when our baby gets here, and to also focus on my photography business. A lot of my work will be done at home at a desk, and these tips are GREAT as I prepare for that transition! I definitely need to work on my steps… It’s abysmal on days I stay home haha.

    1. Thanks Rebecca! Best wishes with the new baby! Sounds like you have lots of exciting transitions ahead of you!!!

  4. I’d love a really big screen. I use a normal sized laptop but occasionally work with my son’s computer with a bigger screen. Maybe an upgrade is needed.

  5. I definitely needed these tips. My home office isn’t currently setup for productivity and a bigger monitor might help.

  6. I would never consider a fit bit, etc a needed piece of work equipment but it makes total sense. I am terrible about locking and not wanting to move until I’ve finished. That’s a great reminder!

    1. I’m the same way. I can get in the zone, so having something that actually measured my movement was a huge reality check!

    1. good news is that a monitor really isn’t that expensive (compared to a computer!!!) I’ve been so happy I got a larger screen!

  7. Definitely great tips! I now work from home at least 2x per week and quickly found that I needed a second monitor like I have at my office! I also totally agree with you about needing a dedicated workspace. I think I will forever and always need a desk in my home that is just mine.

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