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  1. Oh my gosh! This. is. the. best! As a former nanny, when I first started reading it my heart got all sad thinking about the time when kids grow up and the nanny is no longer needed all the time. Then I got to the “dear, iPad” and I laughed out loud! Especially since, even a nanny turns on the iPad from time to time. Hysterical! And glad you are taking a break! I need a break from mine actually lol.

  2. It’s so hard!! We just cut the invisible cord to the iPad this week. It has gone better than I was expecting, but it’s definitely not easy!

  3. I like how you presented your views through a letter … growing up we didn’t have all these tools. I wonder how it would have been if we did … but I agree with you … one requires life skills which an ipad can’t teach.


  4. Wow! This really hit me and made me think about how much time my kids spend on screen time. I’m looking forward to reading your tips on encouraging independent play!!

  5. I take an hour to and hour and a half to turn off all screens in the house and play with my children! It’s so important to develop their imaginations through “old-fashioned” playtime!

  6. I try to limit screen time but it is difficult not to use it as a quick fix . I need some of the diy ideas to keep her entertained other than throwing all the stuff on the floor lol

  7. I loved this! I really thought we were talking about a babysitter till I got to the i pad part. This is so true though. I didn’t let my kids use the i pad till they were about 5-6 and was just thinking the other day how crazy it is that they are so attached. I have education stuff loaded for them, but they still sit forever on them. I need to do this too.

  8. As a former nanny, I felt so sad for the nanny you were going to let go, as I read because I remember hearing some of those words from the lady whom I worked for for 5 years and my heart sunk when we had to part ways but reading on to find out it was a tablet, I was like ‘Phew’ at least! lol. Great idea for kids to do more creative actives than being on a tablet or in front of the tv all the time. Great post! Thanks for sharing

  9. Great article. Using the imagination is key in kids to develop. I feel like we have lost a little of that nowadays.

  10. So many parents are unaware of the potential problems with too much technology. I applaud you for making a change in your routine! Not all technology is bad but there is such a thing as age appropriate technology use. To be honest we could all put the screen down a little more.

  11. I’m not a mom yet, but this is something I would really want to keep in mind! I want my child to grow up as an independent and confident person.

  12. Yes! I am a huge fan of limiting screen time with kiddos. We do arts/crafts, puzzles, games etc at home instead.

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