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  1. Thank you so much for this great storage idea. Your built-in spice rack looks beautiful. I like the way the dowels look but I’m wondering if they serve any purpose except in the event of an earthquake. Do you find that the dowels make it more difficult to take the spices in and out? I have seen some spice shelves that are completely open with no dowels. In retrospect, would you include the dowels if you built another shelf like this one? Thank you.

    1. Hi- I haven’t been bothered at all by the dowels, but I’m also not sure that they are completely necessary. I guess when I’m moving fast, it provides reassurance that I won’t accidentally knock some spices down.

    2. Your instructions say that studs are 16″ apart. They are actually 16″ on center, this means the center of the stud and adjacent studs are 16″ apart. This means between the studs is actually around 14 1/4″ inches apart. I know this because I build homes for a living. I do love the look of the built in spice rack.

      1. Greg- Thanks for the feedback and clarification. Now you can see why my husband is the “Carpenter Bee” 😉 and not me! Will confirm with him and upstate the post. Best, Melissa

  2. The spice rack is great. And I am excited to build for my wife. But when cutting the hole I noticed differences in the measurements you show.
    I am wondering what did you do for the space difference in the back? You say to use 1″ x 4″ boards. They are usually 3/4″ x 3 1/2″ from any lumber yard. The stud inside the wall is the same 3 1/2″ and then you have usually 1/2″ sheetrock. If you line the outside of the rack with the sheetrock that will leave about a 1/2″ gap in the back. I know a 1/2″ is not a huge deal but will look off in my opinion.

    1. Hi Gary- my husband applied an 1/8th of an inch masonite board to the back of the frame and set the whole frame in flush with the drywall. This conceals that 1/2 inch gap. Hope that helps! I’ll update the post to include that for future readers. Thanks!

  3. Thanks… That is what I was thinking of doing as well. But my wife was saying it was not part of the instructions.

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