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    1. That would be fun! We could have coffee together while we organize! ☕️

  1. Wow, that before and after photo is very impressive. Some great tips in here. I’d love my pantry to be tidier so I’m going to be putting your tips into practice!

  2. Love your first suggestion to begin with the end in mine. I get overwhelmed with the work it’s going to take, so maybe focusing on the end result will help that. I am label QUEEN, so maybe if I remember I get to label stuff, it’ll motivate me 😉

  3. Love the end result! I just organized my pantry the other day, I didn’t get the bins and such yet, because i’m still trying to see what I want as my end result.

  4. Your pantry is definitely organized, wow, what a difference. Looking forward to seeing that built-in spice rack and how to make one!

  5. I love this idea and want to use some of your tips to help me organize my pantry. It is a complete mess right now and I think having bins to organize with would definitely ease my level of stress when cooking! Thanks!

  6. What awesome tips. I really need to organize my pantry. So thank you.
    love the way you broke everything down in parts. Very easy to read and understand.

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