Decluttering: 100+ Things You Can Get Rid of (and never miss)

Is your biggest challenge with decluttering just getting started?  Do you look around the house and feel overwhelmed by the pile of clothes you haven’t worn in 6 months, stacks of unread self-help books, and mismatched plastic containers in your kitchen?  Maybe you know what needs to get don’t but just don’t have the time to do it.  That’s how I’ve felt since having two young kids.  I love to organize, but where do I find the time?  Many people say, once they start they feel a sense of accomplishment and become excited to keep going.   Maybe you don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to a decluttering project, but chances are you could commit to getting rid of 1 or even 5 things every day.

cluttered closet with text 100+ things you can get rid of today

Are you ready to get rid of that dusty pile that accumulated in the corner?  Do you want to only have perfectly matched plastic containers in your kitchen drawer?  Get unstuck this week!  Check out this list of 100+ things you can get rid of and never miss!


1. Unread books

2. Reference books

3. Books you’ve already read and don’t plan on reading again

4. Old receipts

5. Credit card and bank statements

6. Old warranties

7. User manuals

8. Finished notebooks

9.  Old magazines

10. Travel guide books

11. Newspapers more than a couple of days old

12. Expired coupons and vouchers

13. Old invitations and save-the-dates

14. Old planners and calendars

15. Greeting cards with no sentimental value

16. Takeout Menus

17. Phone books

18. Catalogs

19. Business cards that you don’t need

20. Old school books

21. Random scraps of paper

woman holding a pile of linenns she is decluttering


22. Spare sets of bedding

23. Towels that are thin, worn-out, or with holes

24. Old pillows

25. Excessive amounts of extra blankets

26. Dining room linens you never use e.g. placemats, cloth napkins, table clothes, or table runners

Toiletries & Health

27. Cosmetic samples

28. Old Nail Polish

29. Old sunscreen

30. Hair appliances you no longer use e.g. Hot Rollers

31. Expired medicines

32. Old vitamins

33. Unused products from the latest health craze

34. Old Make Up

35. Old toothbrushes

36. Broken rubber bands and barrettes

37. Hair accessories you don’t use

38. Lotions and shower gel you’ve had over a year

39. Perfumes and cologne that you don’t use or that is over 2 years old

Woman with bags of items she's discarding after decluttering

Clothes & Things You Wear

40. Mismatched socks

41. Clothing that your kids have outgrown

42. Clothing that does not fit, is stained, or worn out

43. Bras with the underwire poking out

44. Underwear with holes

45. Shoes that no longer fit or are worn out

46. Scratched sunglasses

47. Accessories you haven’t worn in a year

48. Old athletic wear

49. Eyeglasses with the wrong prescription

50. Free promotional T-shirts you never wear

51. Earrings that are missing a half

52. Broken Jewelry

53. Purses you never use

Kitchen Items

54. Cooking appliances you no longer use e.g. a vegetable steamer, bread machine

55. Expired food (in the pantry and the refrigerator)

56. Extra miss-matched coffee mugs

57. Plastic grocery bags

58. Containers without matching lids

59. Chipped dishes

60. Condiment packets

61. Cooking utensils you have multiples of

62. Empty bottles

63. Magnets on the fridge that you don’t use

64. Recipe books you never use

65. Old party supplies

66. Dish clothes that have holes or are smelly

67. Old cookware that is chipped or pealing


68. Boxes for electronics

69. Unidentified cords

70. Old DVDs and CDs you no longer use

71. Old cell phones

72. Old remote controls

73. Old electronics…e.g. a boom box or walkman

Garage & Garden

74. Garden equipment you never use

75. Tools you no longer need or use

76. Gallons of old paint

77. Cardboard boxes from your last move

78. Scraps of wood from old DIY projects

79. Sports equipment you no longer use

Cleaning Supplies

80. Old cleaning products you never use

81. Dried up shoe polish

82. Cleaning rags that have holes or are smelly

DIY & Crafts

83. Materials from an unfinished project

84. Spare buttons

85. Unused craft supplies

86. Pens with no ink

87. Dried out markers

88. Dried out paint

Kid Stuff

89. Broken toys

90. Plastic junk toys that come in kid’s meals, grab bags or carnivals

91. Stuffies with no sentimental value

92. Random crafts with no sentimental value

93. Equipment from abandoned hobbies (ballet shoes for the girl that detests ballet)

94. Toys they’ve outgrown

95. Games with missing pieces

96. Sheets of stickers they aren’t interested in

97. Books that are torn or that have pages stuck together

98. Toys they don’t use e.g. the dollhouse that’s in the corner

99. Furniture they’ve outgrown

100. Equipment they’ve outgrown e.g. stroller, tricycle


101. Broken appliances

102. Games that are missing pieces

103. Extra handbags, duffle bags, briefcases that you no longer use

104. CDs

105. DVDs

106. Cassette Tapes

107. VHS

108. Empty boxes

109. Broken holiday decorations

110. Tourist swag

111. Gifts you don’t like

112. Dead or almost dead plants

113. Broken luggage

Per Marie Kondo…

114. Everything that doesn’t spark joy

Wow, who knew there were so many things you could discard today?!?  If you want some more ideas about what to discard or how to declutter in a way that doesn’t overwhelm, check out these posts!













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