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  1. You have provided wonderful list of activities for Christmas. This includes variety of things to do right from spiritual to festivity related activities with family.

  2. This is an amazing list! There are some we already do, but I got some super ideas for our family of new ones to do. Thanks!

  3. What great suggestions! The trick is to find activities that all generations can enjoy together. Definitely going to use some of these!

  4. So many fun ideas I want to do them all! I love the idea of going to breakfast in Christmas pjs and we always go to zoo lights in salt lake city! And all of the volunteering ideas are amazing 🖤

  5. Wow, lots of great ideas here! I love the scavenger hunt idea. I think my nieces would get a kick out of that. And my all-time favorite tradition is watching Christmas movies! I’ve been hooked on the Hallmark channel lately!

  6. There are so many things to do in what seems so little time. After Thanksgiving it always seems like a rush. But all of these seem like so much fun.

    1. 25 days of service…that’s great. I’d love to hear the types of things that you do!

  7. I love visiting zoo lights and elf on the shelf was my younger cousin’s favorite. The holidays is such a great time

  8. Awesome ideas. There’s so many that you can start early and take advantage of the spirit of the holidays. Looking forward to doing a few new things from that inspired me from your list.

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