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  1. What a great list of products for a baby’s first year. I’ll admit that I didn’t use a lot of these with my son, but wish I had known about the swaddles. I could never get him swaddled in a blanket.

    1. We loved the swaddles with my daughter, but my son just wasn’t into it! Oh well, what works for one doesn’t necessarily work with the other.

  2. I think our best product we have is the stroller, the baby carrier and a hiking carrier! Other than that we could acutally live without. We are a big hikers thats why! And ofcourse a music box for the hike!

    1. We used the hiking carrier too, but once the baby got bigger. We aren’t huge hikers, so didn’t use it as often. Thanks for chiming in!

    1. Yes! They have different varieties, so some are thinner and great for the summer months while others are thicker and perfect for the winter months!

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