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  1. I started using IKEA (super inexpensive) cardboard ‘magazine holders’ on their BACKS, taped together, to hold my purses/handbags.
    I also hung some jewelry on the wall, but found that they got too dusty, too quickly!

    My closet is just hanging space on both sides (7 ft long), and there’s a chest of drawers at the end, between the clothes. I have about 6 inches of wall space on either side of the door, so that leaves out some options. There’s just not a lot of space for stuff, but I can CERTAINLY work on the floor!
    I’ve always kept my clothes by color, tho’ the order might be different each time.

    How do you store jeans? They don’t have a home in this (newish) house – no closet shelves (other than the top shelf), not tons of hanging space, and not sure I have room in the chest – at least not until I declutter things! Not sure if I want to fold them, hang on hangers or just hang them somewhere by, say, a belt loop.

    Thanks so far for the help, my fellow Texan!

    1. Hi Andrea! That IKEA hack sounds great! Thanks for sharing. RE: Jeans. I use the vertical filing approach. I keep them in my chest of drawers. But you could also get plastic bins from IKEA or elsewhere and store them there. (then for now, keep the bins on the floor) Here’s an article that explains vertical fling if you’re unfamiliar with it. I hope this helps.

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