50+ Things To Do With Your Kids in the Spring and Summer

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Are you at a loss for ideas of fun and interesting activities to do with your kids?  Many times there are things we can do right in our own homes, neighborhoods, cities or regions to create special memories with our kids. Often, we forget the treasures in our own backyard. If you need ideas for the weekend, a rainy day, or your next staycation, check out this list of 50+ things to do with your kids that are close to home!


If you’re considering what to do for a week like spring break or a summer vacation, you’ll probably need to do a little planning to make sure you have enough activities to keep the kids engaged. If you’re just looking to make a Saturday a little more exciting, then little to no planning is required. Depending on the age of your kids, you could either hand over the planning all together or involve them in aspects of planning the day/week. Another fun twist is to brainstorm activities as a family, writing each idea down on a piece of paper and placing the ideas in a bowl. Each day or each time you need something fun to do, just pull an idea out of the bowl.   You’ll want to make sure that you only include activities that are appropriate for the season. For example, you wouldn’t write down sledding during the summer.

Young boy playing mineature golf

Outdoor Things to Do with Your Kids 

  1. Play mineature golf
  2. Visit a zoo
  3. Check out a local berry farm
  4. Go on a nature walk
  5. Go on a picnic
  6. Fly a kite
  7. Take pictures in a field of wildflowers
  8. Go to a petting zoo
  9. Play a sport as a family (tennis, basketball, volleyball etc.)
  10. Go for a bike ride
  11. Blow bubbles
  12. Go to a local baseball game
  13. Visit local landmarks
  14. Go to a festival
  15. Watch a movie on a sheet in your backyard
  16. Roast marshmallows in your backyard
  17. Have a water balloon toss competition
  18. Go canoeing at a local lake

Fire Truck sitting in the garage at the Fire station

Indoor Things to Do with Your Kids 

  1. Visit a museum especially if your city has a children’s museum
  2. Go ice skating at an indoor rink
  3. Visit the library
  4. Go to a local pancake restaurant and let the kids wear their pajamas
  5. Visit a fire station
  6. Go bowling
  7. Visit a local gymnastics club on a public play day
  8. Book a hotel and take advantage of the pool. We’ve found if it’s off-season, local hotels are super reasonable. Also due to being in a cold climate, a pool is a huge plus for the kids! Add in room service for breakfast and a spa visit for mom and you’ll feel like you went all out!

Indoors/ Outdoors Things to Do with Your Kids – depending on your climate/options

  1. Go swimming
  2. Go to a farmer’s market
  3. Take a day trip
  4. Make a video…kids can play dress up and put on a show, song or dance for the family (be careful, they might involve you!!!)
  5. Volunteer
  6. Go to a fun restaurant you’ve wanted to try out
  7. Go to a sporting or arts event
  8. Have a photo scavenger hunt
  9. Be a tourist in your own city Google “Things to do in [insert city name] this weekend] or this month
  10. Check out your local craft store and see if they offer kids classes or craft activities (Michael’s has one in our city every Saturday)
Preschooler doing crafts

Things to Do with Your Kids At Home

  1. Do a craft
  2. Have tea party
  3. Play dress up
  4. Bake something
  5. Have the kids create a menu and play restaurant (you can do this with real food or fake food depending on the age of the kids)
  6. Plant seedlings or water a garden (depending on the time of year)
  7. Start an herb garden
  8. Make a homemade bird feeder
  9. Paint a wooden bird feeder from a craft store
  10. Build a tent
  11. Paint a terra cotta flower pot and plant a flower in it
  12. Do a rainbow craft
  13. Paint rocks for the garden
  14. Play board games
  15. Make your own pizza + movie night

Family Fun

It’s wonderful when one has the opportunity to go on a vacation, but it’s easy to overlook the simple fun we can have at home or in our own city. Often just being together as a family, putting away distractions like a cell phone, and paying attention to each other can create good times! So, whether you’re looking for things to do with the kids for one day or a week don’t forget to check out the gems in your own backyard!

If you’d like even more ideas of things to do with your kids check out this post with a free 7 day challenge full of kid focused activities. Click Here








I’d love to hear from you!  Have you ever done a staycation?  Do you have any go-to activities for your kids?

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  1. Annie Cho says

    This is such a great list of really fun and memorable activities to do. It could be fun to go back to this list whenever you’re running out of ideas!

  2. Melissa says

    I love this list!!! Such great ideas! I’ll definitely be coming back to this when I am trying to figure out what to do all summer:)

  3. Anna says

    That’s a great list of activities. Thank you. I’m sure I’ll pick up a few things I could do with my 9-year old.

  4. Kayla says

    I’m bookmarking this post for later! BEST list of activities I’ve been able to find. Thanks so much for sharing! 🙂

  5. Julie says

    A great list to use to make fun memories with kids! I can’t wait for warmer weather for such things!!

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