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  1. This is such a great idea! I have thought of sleepovers for birthdays but not just a morning pancake or breakfast party. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love this concept. I think this can also be made into a “party” on these snowy days here in MA where the guests will be her dolls! Next snow day here I am definitely doing this!!

  3. I love pancakes and I love pyjamas so naturally, I LOVE THIS IDEA! I think I’ll do something like this for me and my girlfriends LOL. Was the party hosted in the morning or lunchtime?? You really can have pancakes any time of the day!

  4. So fun! I love your Pajama pancake party ideas. So cute! The bed table is such a funny idea. And I loooove the idea of packing the kiddos up in the car in their pjs to go out for pancakes. I might be borrowing this idea very soon. X

  5. OMG I love the table bed! What an excellent birthday idea. Love the pancake game! Definitely have to remember this for when my niece is old enough!

  6. Oh my gosh! How cute is this?! I want to have an adult sleepover like this! HAHA! Seriously, this looks so fun!

  7. I love the theme of this adorable party. I may borrow that idea from you for my younger daughter’s party.

  8. Melissa, such cute ideas as always. We did a pancake party for our son’s birthday last year and or worked so well I’m thinking of doing the same thing this year. I may have to use some of these ideas!

  9. What an adorable idea for a party! My sons love pancakes, I bet they would get a kick out of a pancake party. We bought them a pancake game for Christmas but haven’t tried it out yet.

  10. How fun! That party looks great. I never would have thought to have a breakfast party – and my son’s favorite foods are breakfast foods!

  11. Oh my gosh these are such cute sleep over ideas. I totally love the party theme you selected. Also, how you personalize the cups, etc.

  12. You really outdid yourself for that party. The kids look so cute and happy too! I might steal some of these ideas for my 30th birthday next year because there’s nothing like unleashing your inner child for your birthday!

  13. This is such a cute idea! Who doesn’t love to be in their PJ’s?I love the glass milk bottles and the pancake race game. You are a brave woman!

  14. I have done this before and want to do it again. I have the milk bottles but how did you do the names on the bottles. Did you use a cricket?

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