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15 Minute Decluttering Tasks That Don’t Overwhelm

We all want to declutter, but feel like we need a major chunk of time to make a difference.  I have two young kids and recently realized I had decluttered and organized 18 different areas of our house over the last year.  This was impressive.  How was I able to accomplish this with a toddler, preschooler, and two jobs?  Then…

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How to Keep your House Clean with 10 Minute Speed Cleaning

I do not love to clean.  Truth be told, it’s a task that’s usually at the bottom of my to-do list (except for when we have friends coming over!)  Honesty counts right?!?  Daily there is too much to do and to little time to do it.  I’m not alone!  Many of us wonder how to keep our houses clean with…

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The Ultimate Guide to 100+ Summer Activities for Kids

Summer is just around the corner and parents everywhere are getting itchy!  While we love our kids, we fear that there really is too much of a good thing?  Thoughts of enrolling our kids in camp every single week of summer run through our heads and frighten our wallets.  Dread overwhelms us when we anticipate hearing the words “I’m bored!” …

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Decluttering Tips: Deal With Clutter Traps For Good

Have you ever noticed that there are certain areas of your home that seem to attract clutter?  You clean it off and before you know it, it’s cluttered…AGAIN!  There are places in every home that become clutter traps. In this post we’ll explore why things accumulate in our home, the most common clutter magnets, and I’ll share Decluttering Tips: How…

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Clutter: What it is and how to stop things from accumulating

What is clutter and how did it end up in your house?  There are many ways that clutter enters and then accumulates in our homes.  Often at first, it’s not seen as clutter.  The opposite is true.  It’s seen as something valued by at least one member of your family, but things changes.  Interests change, appeal changes, kids grow up,…

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