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Launching a Blog – From a Non-Techie Perspective

Are you considering launching a blog? I obviously took the plunge, but I had a false start about a year or so before I actually launched. In my first attempt, I did some research, decided on using WordPress, bought a domain name and paid for a hosting service. In the first couple of days of trying to set up the…

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Setting Up Your Home Office for Maximum Productivity

Did you know that millions of North Americans work from home at least once a week?  I started working remotely seven years ago. Initially it was just a few days here and there, but after a couple of years (and a move to Canada) I became a full time remote worker. Over the years I’ve learned about how to set…

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Instant Pot, Not Your Mother’s Pressure Cooker!

This year for Christmas I got an Instant Pot! (happy dance)💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽 My family read my “subtle” hint in this post and followed through! I heard a lot of hype about the super duper pressure cooker, but honestly, I didn’t know much about it except that it cooked things fast…real fast! Not Your Mother’s Pressure Cooker I told my mom about…

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13 Children’s Books That Teach Values & Life Skills

Children Learn From Books Children learn by our words and actions, stories and songs. Children’s books are also a great tool for teaching kids values and life skills. Books help build vocabulary. They engage their mind, increase their creativity, fuel their imagination, and teach values. In our family, we use books like “Hands are Not for Hitting” by Elizabeth Verdick…

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Chores for Preschoolers You Can Start Today

Four, F-O-U-R, our baby girl turned 4 and the world seems different. She’s a little kid now and the baby stage seems long ago. How did this happen…so quickly?!? While little Miss E has been working on “independence” since the day she turned one, at this new age she rounds a corner with her verbal skills, motor skills, even creativity!…

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