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Productivity Tips For Busy Moms: The Less = More Equation

It’s proven if you’re able to take time to plan and reflect (refuel) that you actually increase your efficiency and get more of the right things done! Like I shared at the beginning of this series “Productivity Tips For Busy Moms”, for years, I have been a professional planner, helping organizations plan and launch large-scale initiatives. I work with teams…

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Productivity Tips For Busy Moms : The Art of Doing

Getting stuff done can be tough as a mom. Actually, we get lots of stuff done, but we’re not always efficient or effective and often feel unproductive with our time. In part 1 of this series on Productivity Tips for Busy Moms, we talked about the first step in being productive: Planning. I confessed that of the basic 3 steps…

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Productivity Tips for Busy Moms – from a Professional Planner

Before I got married and had kids, I was a career woman. I planned large-scale programs and initiatives for Fortune 500 Global Companies, Health Care Organizations, and even NASA!   Today, I serve as a part-time Project Manager. Planning and organizing skills were my top strengths and I was a pro at being productive. Things changed. I had kids. The skills…

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Married To An Introvert – Tips for Extroverts

My husband is an introvert…I am not. One of my parents is an introvert…the other is not. Researchers estimate that introverts make up 26 – 50% of the population. There are many couples that are in a mixed introvert + extrovert relationship. As with anything in marriage, it’s easy to get frustrated and try to change the other person. Instead,…

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Spice Things Up With a – DIY Built-In Spice Rack

If you’re an avid cook, your spice selection can become unruly fairly quickly!!! Spice packaging comes in all shapes and sizes from plastic bags to glass bottles, even metal tins. Very few people have all of their spices in the same size/shape bottle so spice organization can be challenging. To be honest with you, over the past 10 years, I’ve…

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