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Medicine Cabinet Organizing Hacks

  Three of the four of us had a cold last week. 😷  Colds are tricky because you either try to prevent it or treat the symptoms, but you can’t really cure them. We tried both…but in so doing, I realized how disorganized our medicine cabinet was. We had kids medicine in travel bags because we just got back from…

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4 Super Simple Keys To Making Date Nights Happen

My husband and I will be married 7 years this February. During that time we’ve lived in separate countries, gone through 2 visa processes, moved countries, moved from a townhome and house to an apartment, sold a house, built a house, started a company and had two kids. It’s no wonder date nights have been just a little difficult to…

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My First 3 Months Blogging + Tips for New Bloggers

It’s hard to believe that I officially launched my blog a little over 3 months ago. If you had asked me a year ago if I would be blogging, I probably would have laughed out loud. It definitely wasn’t something I had planned on doing, but I stumbled across the idea this summer and decided to give it a try….

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The Acts of Kindness Challenge – You need in your life

Have you ever been in the drive through at Starbucks only to find out someone paid for your Grande Skinny Latte with Stevia before you got to the window to pay for it yourself? Perhaps someone brought over an unexpected plate of cookies, opened the door when you were carrying a heavy load, or gave you a cold bottle of…

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Toy Rotation: How to Organize & Declutter Any Play Room

What do you get when you combine 2 kids under the age of four that stay in the home (vs. going to daycare) with long winter months: TOO MANY TOYS! Kids toys are either large and take up a lot of space or small with many parts. Both types can create a really disorganized play area.   Having a wide variety…

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