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Toy Rotation: How to Organize & Declutter Any Play Room

What do you get when you combine 2 kids under the age of four that stay in the home (vs. going to daycare) with long winter months: TOO MANY TOYS! Kids toys are either large and take up a lot of space or small with many parts. Both types can create a really disorganized play area.   Having a wide variety…

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Preschooler Activities for Super Busy Parents

  Have you struggled with finding engaging independent preschooler activities?  Maybe on occasion, you’ve relied on a tablet, but you know it’s really not the best for them.  Recently we fired our “babysitter” (a.k.a. the iPad) and the struggle to encourage independent play became real…very real!   Some kids are naturally inclined to explore on their own or entertain themselves, but…

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Fire the babysitter…Encourage Independent Play!

Dear Babysitter Extraordinaire- I want to thank you for your years of service. When I needed help with my daughter, you were there. It was obvious from the start that you loved babysitting. The first day you helped us, I was wowed by your skills. It was clear when talking with other moms that you had caught the eye of…

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The Gratitude Jar – How to be Thankful All Year Long

Recently I was reviewing Oprah’s Favorite Things for 2017 and I came across one item that really intrigued me. If you read my last post, “Six Powerful Questions To Help You Reflect And Celebrate This Past Year,” you’ve probably picked up that I like to focus on the positive and I love little reminders of the good things that happen…

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