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Minimizing Overwhelm & Maximizing Time via a Block Schedule

Do you feel like you’re always shooting from the hip? Most days, do you only get to the things that are urgent and rarely get to the activities that are important but not pressing? It’s easy to get in a pattern where the only tasks you focus on are the daily things at hand and you miss some of the…

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5 Things To Do When Your Preschooler Bites Another Child

To Does your preschooler bite other kids? My daughter did. (sigh) Let me explain…shortly after my daughter turned 3 she started preschool. At the time, Little Miss E was very social, articulate, and excited to be with other kids. The first day was a breeze…she loved it! There were only good reports from her and the teachers. Fast forward one…

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2 Easy Ways To Restore Scratched Dishes

Have you ever had a set of light colored dishes that got grey scratches on them? I did…in fact, they were the everyday dishes from Pottery Barn we were given as wedding gifts. I love those dishes and thought they were damaged forever. I thought the grey marks were a permanent change and didn’t realize there was an easy way…

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Pay Down Your Mortgage Like a Ninja

The Beauty of Financial Freedom If you had your mortgage paid off, what freedom would it bring? What would you do differently?   Would you travel more often, or save more for retirement or your children’s education? Would you stay at your job or change careers? Financial freedom is a priceless gift for those that can achieve it.   Paying off…

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