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Menu Planning Services You Must Check Out

As the fall approaches, so does the start of school, kids activities and a squeeze on time. I’m always looking for ways to streamline daily family responsibilities and menu planning is a service that has benefited our family. When it comes to meal planning, I’m usually the one to plan the menu, do grocery shopping and cooking. I don’t mind…

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Make Money by Decluttering

Last summer I realized I could make money by decluttering…good money. With baby #2 on the way, it was time to convert a spare bedroom into a nursery. My nesting was in full swing and we decided it was time to declutter, not only for the future nursery, but also things we had accumulated along the way. I joined a…

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Our Whole Food Plant Based Eating Journey – Part 1

Whole Food Plant Based Eating…ever heard of it? I hadn’t! Until…about a year after our first baby, I still had some baby weight to lose and was frustrated and eager for something to work. I had been trying for months with a net loss of 6 pounds. My weight would trickle down a little and then up a little, despite…

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How to Find the Perfect Nanny

How to find the perfect nanny? A question I’ve asked myself several times! As a Work From Home Mom (WFHM) with no family nearby, I needed to find someone I could trust with the most precious people in my life- my babies…my children. If I were back home in Texas, I probably could have networked and found a referral, but…

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