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My First 6 Months Blogging

It’s hard to believe I’ve been blogging for 6 months!  In some ways I feel like I have a good understanding of blogging and in other ways I still have so much to learn.  In this post, I’ll share my progress to date, lessons learned, tools/resources I’ve used, and my strategy going forward. This post contains affiliate links. For more…

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Planting Seedlings Indoors – A Newbies Perspective

  Starting Seeds Indoors Last year we had our first vegetable garden and I LOVED IT! Our growing season is pretty short in Canada (June – September.) With the long summer days, you literally can see growth happen between the morning and evening. It’s so exciting! It’s also a short-term commitment and therefore can fit into my busy life. The…

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Super Simple Puffy Paint … Easy as 1-2-3

  Little Miss E loves crafts and it’s a good thing that I do too! Some days she’ll make slime with her dad, do a holiday art project with our nanny, or she’s even satisfied playing with mess free finger-paints. (If you haven’t checked them out, you totally should!) Recently, I was on the hunt for something new to try…

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Companion Planting –How to Safely Nurture & Protect Your Garden For Optimum Yield

Companion Planting Defined In your garden, plants have friends and foes. Plants can help or hinder the growth and development of neighboring plants. Over the years, gardeners have observed how one crop can help or harm another. Through trial and error, a concept called companion planting was developed. Companion Planting is the process of placing plants together to the benefit…

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50+ Things To Do With Your Kids in the Spring and Summer

  Are you at a loss for ideas of fun and interesting activities to do with your kids?  Many times there are things we can do right in our own homes, neighborhoods, cities or regions to create special memories with our kids. Often, we forget the treasures in our own backyard. If you need ideas for the weekend, a rainy…

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