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What To Do When Your Kids are Bored at Home – FREE PRINTABLE

When is the last time your kids were bored at home?  Every parent has heard it…“I’m bored?”  When the kids are home for summer, in the middle of Christmas holidays, or on a road trip, we repeatedly hear the cry of boredom.  My five-year-old has about a one minute threshold before she is convinced that she is bored and then…

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Simplify Your Life: Declutter your Schedule

Do you struggle with trying to keep up with all of the needs of your home and family?  Is finding time to get organized a challenge?  Maybe you have trouble balancing EVERYTHING without feeling overwhelmed.    Perhaps your biggest issue is finding balance between home and work.  My husband and I are tired. Tired of feeling overwhelmed and like we’re in…

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Home Organization Hacks Professional Organizers Use Every Day

It can be difficult to get started organizing your home.  You may feel overwhelmened, struggle with analysis paralysis, or may tend to procrastinate. You may even wish you had a professional home organizer to help you.  Did you know there are a few secret home organization hacks professional organizers use and you can to? I have always been “into” organizing. …

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Messy House? – Find the Motivation to Declutter

Do you struggle with finding the motivation to declutter?  Maybe you feel overwhelmed by the mess.  Maybe you don’t know where to start.  Perhaps you feel paralyzed when it comes to making decisions about the clutter…what to keep, what to discard.  Keep reading if you want a tip that will help you find the motivation to declutter. The Key to…

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Clutter Free Home: Organize Your Kid’s Clutter

It’s easy to accumulate a lot of clutter and become disorganized when you have kids. Each season of life brings new gear, new toys, clothes, and craft supplies to name a few.  Helping our kids grow, supporting their hunger for learning, and celebrating birthdays is fun, but can make a mom feel like there’s no way to get on top…

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