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Vertical Clothes Organization That Will Change Your Life

I love love love to be organized. I actually get excited about it! Strange…maybe…but for now, let’s let my obsession be a benefit for those who are equally obsessed or even just slightly interested. Recently, I came across a clothes organization system/process that changed my life. Seriously, the way I have been storing clothes in my dresser for MY ENTIRE…

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50+ Christmas Activities Your Family Will Enjoy

We had a wonderful time visiting family for Thanksgiving. Not only is a time to reflect, be thankful and enjoy family but it’s also a kickoff to the holiday season. Little Miss E and my Nieces got to decorate gingerbread houses, attend Christmas Tree Lighting and go to a Teddy Bear Tea Party at the St. Regis. If I wasn’t…

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7 Super Practical Tips to Helping Your Children Succeed

Helping our children succeed in life is likely one aspiration most parents share. Did you know that your mindset and the way you view your child impacts how he or she views themselves and ultimately how they grow and develop? As a parent, one of our goals is to help our children realize and fulfill their potential. A parent’s mindset…

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3 Simple Christmas Crafts for Your Preschooler (Part 2 of 2)

Hi Friends- Welcome Back!!! I hope you enjoyed last week’s Christmas Crafts for Your Preschooler! We have two more super simple Christmas crafts that can create some fun for your little one.   As some of you shared last week, they may even bring back memories from your own childhood! Christmas Craft #2 – Popsicle Stick Christmas Tree Ornaments Project…

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5 Insanely Easy Steps to an Organized Pantry

Ahh- an organized pantry, clutter is gone, containers aligned, expired products chucked! It’s so refreshing to see the pantry all neat and tidy with everything in its place. Flashback to 18 months ago, I was pregnant and nesting was in full swing (yes, nesting is a real thing!). I knew we’d have family visiting for the anticipated birth of our…

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