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Easy Tips To Organize Every Part of Your Kitchen

My husband loves his workspace in the garage, I love my little office, our littles love their play area in the basement.  These areas speak to us and call to our identity, but we ALL LOVE THE KITCHEN.  It’s the heart of the home and the hub of activity.  It’s where we congregate as a family or with friends.  It…

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Easy to Maintain Refrigerator Organization

Picture this, white walls, clear glass, brightly colored fruits and vegetables, perfectly ordered rows of condiments from shortest to tallest, a snack bin for the kids, easy access to your favorite beverage, a place for everything and everything in its place.  That’s what it looks like when you have an organized refrigerator.  The reality…it can go from the picture of…

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KonMari Shortcuts – Alternative Decluttering Methods

The KonMari method is a very specific process that requires an unwavering commitment and a dedicated chunk of time (she gives the example of it being an event that takes 6 months). But what if you have competing priorities and although your heart and mind say yes, your circumstances don’t cooperate. What if you can’t dedicate a huge chunk of…

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Amazing Tools for Getting (and Staying) Organized

Do you love to declutter, organize, or find clever storage hacks?  Maybe you don’t but you know someone who does.  Recently, I read Marie Kondo’s book “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up.”  Marie Kondo is a minimalist and encourages her readers to get rid of anything that doesn’t “bring joy.”  For the things they keep, she recommends everything has…

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7 Kitchen Organization You-Tube Videos

Picture this…a glass of red wine rests on the granite counter next to a plate filled with piping hot appys.  Women’s laughter fills the air, and our souls are fed as we connect with friends during our monthly wine  book club gathering.  As usual, the kitchen is the heart of the home!  Whether it’s a social gathering, family holiday, or…

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